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Bogen PCMTIM Phone Interface (PCMTIM) #20504
Bogen PCMTIM Phone Interface

Bogen PCMTIM Phone Interface

PCMTIM - Bogen PCMTIM Telephone Interface for PCM2000 Zone Paging Controller




2 Years

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   Bogen PCMTIM Phone Interface:

Phone Interface PCMTIM

    The Bogen PCM2000 is a modular telephone zone paging and control system. By integrating unique, multi-function modules, the PCM2000 offers both incredible flexibility and capability for future expansion. The Bogen PCM2000 Zone Paging System is designed for direct connection to loop start and ground start trunks, to PBX or KEY paging ports which supply DTMF capability, and to analog T/R lines.The unit allows total system amplifier power of up to 250W. The PCM2000 is a fully-integrated zone paging and signaling system with an extensive list of features:

    The PCMTIM telephone interface module incorporates a universal interface so that connection to any telephone system is rapid and trouble-free.The module connects to the telephone system via a standard RJ11 plug and is programmed simply by using common DIP switches.All other connections are made to built-in terminal blocks using only a small screwdriver.

Bogen PCMTIM Phone Interface

  • Simultaneous high- low-power paging
  • Zone and zone group paging (32 paging zone groups, each with up to 99 zones)
  • Built-in talkback amplification (requires PCMTBM module)
  • Background music assigned per zone
  • Local BGM sourcing capability
  • Night ringer zone group
  • Emergency zone group with choice of built-in tones or outside tone source
  • Emergency all-facility page override
  • Eight daily time-triggered signaling events (requires PCMTBM module)
  • Pattern echo code calling
  • Daily master clock synchronization
  • Relay driver per zone
  • Auxiliary contacts
Part Number: PCMTIM
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