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Repair your Panasonic Phone System

Repair your phone system
Please review our repair lists for pricing. If there is an item that you do not see on this list, then please either email us at contact us .
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Panasonic repair

Voicesonic.com offers a repair and refurbishing facility for most brands of Business Telephones and components. With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications business, Voicesonic.com is able to provide top quality repairs and refurbishing solutions for your needs.

With in-house technicians and refurbishing staff, we are able to offer our customers a quick turn-a-round and impressive like new equipment. Your items will be serialized to ensure that our one year warranty is properly documented. Then according to your specific order we will repair and refurbish the items. Our extensive refurbishing department will replace old buttons, clean or replace plastics if discolored and make your old phones appear as new. If needed, we will also replace mylars, hookswitches, speakers, microphones and any other component that might be faulty with your telephone.


People choose to repair and refurbish their phones and telephone equipment for a number of different reasons. In many cases, certain phones and equipment are impossible to find in the marketplace. Repairs might be your only option if you do not wish to replace your whole telephone system, which could be very costly. Others choose to refurbish their old phones to give the impression of a newly renovated office. Whatever your need might be, Voicesonic.com can help you save money and impress your customers with a modern look for you old telephone system.


Voicesonic.com also offers a terrific program called Cash Back for your Broken Item Program for those of you who do not have the time to wait for the repair of your phone or component, we offer this great program just for you. Find the phone or component on our website that you have that is broken and check out our great refurbished cost. Now all you need to do is to purchase the refurbished item on voicesonic.com and check the box marked Cash Back for your Broken Item Program at the checkout. We will send you out your like-new phone or component along with a return coupon for the return of your defective item. Just return the defective item with the return coupon and we will mail you a check for the coupon amount within 3 business days. The chart below will give you an idea of the money you could save.

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