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Minuteman SSL-SMOKE Detector (90000858) #26638
Minuteman SSL-SMOKE Detector
SKU: 90000858

Minuteman SSL-SMOKE Detector

90000858 - Minuteman SSL-SMOKE, Detector for SSL-EMD And SNMP-SSL.



New: $75.00

   Minuteman SSL-SMOKE Detector:

Minuteman SSL-SMOKE Detector

    The SSL-SMOKE detector is a device, which connects with SSL-EMD. When smoke is detected an alarm will sound alerting the users. Through the SNMP-SSL card, the user can monitor it and receive notifications of the alarms. This type of AC/DC smoke detector can be powered by 120VAC utility power or a 9-volt battery. AC/DC smoke detectors offer added protection in the event of a power failure or a dead battery.

Part Number: 90000858

Minuteman SSL SMOKE Detector

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