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Minuteman SSL-WATER Leak Sensor (90000860) #26639
Minuteman SSL-WATER Leak Sensor
SKU: 90000860

Minuteman SSL-WATER Leak Sensor

90000860 - Minuteman SSL-WATER Leak Sensor For SSL-EMD And SNMP-SSL



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   Minuteman SSL-WATER Leak Sensor:

Minuteman SSL-WATER Leak Sensor

The SSL-WATER sensor is a device, which connects with SSL-EMD. When water permeates into the sensor cable, the conductivity enhances the intensity of electric current and the alarm will be triggered. Through the SNMP-SSL card, the user can monitor it and receive notifications of the alarms.
The following cable type comes with the water leak sensor:

  • Type A: 1m water leak sensor connected to 1.2m cable

Common usage are areas where mission-critical equipment is being maintained, including data rooms, data centers, clean rooms, utility corridors, laboratories, telecommunication facilities, storage areas, elevator shafts, drip pans under water-cooled equipment, and many more. The most common application for water leak detection is under raised floors. It is common for water leak sensors to be installed under the raised floor as well as in the ceiling above equipment. Facilities and equipment that use water-cooled technology have started to add water leak sensors to provide early warning of water leaks. The water leak sensor is installed around the supply and return water lines.

Part Number: 90000860

Minuteman SSL WATER Leak Sensor

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