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Minuteman SSL-DOOR Sensor (90000862) #26640
Minuteman SSL-DOOR Sensor
SKU: 90000862

Minuteman SSL-DOOR Sensor

90000862 - Minuteman SSL-DOOR Sensor For SSL-EMD And SNMP-SSL.



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   Minuteman SSL-DOOR Sensor:

Minuteman SSL DOOR Sensor

    The SSL-DOOR sensor is a device, which connects to the SSL-EMD. When a door/window is opened the magnetic field is broken. Through the SNMP-SSL card, the user can monitor it and receive notifications of the alarms.

    SSL-DOOR sensors are commonly used in burglar alarm systems as door/window open sensors however they can be disabled if they are in a strong, external magnetic field. If a security sensor is dropped onto a hard surface from more than 30cm or subject to shock of more than 30G, it is possible to cause the characteristics to change (Pull-in, Drop-out, etc.).

Part Number: 90000862

Minuteman SSL-DOOR Sensor

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